The subjects of the pawn contract can only be articles (§ 118 (1) and § 119 (1) Civil Code -Obč. zákonník) about which the pawner (a natural person or a statutory body of a legal entity) declares that pledges are his sole property and reserves the right of disposal, and they do not form a subject of other pawn contracts. The lien secures the receivable together with its fees (§ 121 (3) Civil Code- Obč.zákonník) towards the pawner or the debtor, if the pawner and the debtor is not the same person. The fees of claim depend on the number of working days within the contract period and the corresponding interest rates.

The exact wording of the pawn conditions can be found in the pawnshop.

An authorized employee of the pawnshop decides whether the item offered may become the subject of the pawn contract. No legal claim can be enforced for acceptance in the pawnshop. Incomplete and dysfunctional things cannot become the subject of the pawn contract. The item within warranty period must be submitted with the warranty card. No specific notice will be sent to the pawner about the last day on which it is possible to redeem the pledge. Items can be redeemed only in person with a valid ID or with a letter of authorization and a valid ID. The listed pawn conditions can be changed prior to contracting.